Workshops & Classes


Daisy runs monthly hand building workshops from various venues around Melbourne.

During the session you will learn all the basics needed to be able to feel confident in creating your own clay pieces; each session is 3hrs long, allowing you time to create 3 pieces that are then fired and glazed for you by Daisy in her signature glaze colours.

These workshops are perfect for complete beginners or those who would like to work on a specific idea and would like the guidance from Daisy.


Hand Building With Clay : May

 14th May - Hand Building with Clay - Work-Shop Collingwood

29th May - Hand Building with Clay - Work-Shop Collingwood


Modern Kintsugi : May

14th & 29th May - Work-Shop Collingwood



6 Week Hand Building Courses

Clae Space : Monday Mornings  25th April - 30th May

Clae Space : Tuesday Evenings  26th April - 30th May

Clae Space : Weds Evenings  27th April - 1st June


6 Week Wheel Throwing Courses

Clae Space : Monday Mornings 2nd May- 6th June

Clae Space : Tuesday Evenings 3rd May - 7th June

Clae Space : Saturday Morning 7th May - 11th June


We are now offering At Home: Modern Kintsugi & At Home : Hand Building with Clay Craft Kits - SHOP HERE  These kits come with a pre recorded video of our usual IRL Workshops


If you would like to book a Zoom Virtual Workshop + Craft Kits delivered to your door, please Get In Touch - minimum participants 10ppl