The Importance of Eating and Shopping Local

The Importance of Eating and Shopping Local

At Daisy Cooper Ceramics we promote local eating and shopping. Supporting our community is a way of keeping the local economy flowing, and showing our appreciation to people that work in small industries, who have to constantly compete with big food/supplies chains. Giving that money to local businesses is caring for what we eat or consume, and also caring about the environmental impact involved in the production and distribution of that product.

If something is locally produced, it means there’s been less spending on transportation, so it reduces the carbon footprint.

At the same time, you’re helping create local jobs, for businesses grow with your support, and need to hire more staff. Isn’t that great? 

And, who hasn’t had a horrible customer service experience with big chains, where they transfer you from one call to the other, talking to a recorded machine? Well, shopping local and getting to personally know the person behind that business (and their story) just makes it easier to resolve any problem or complaint that you might have with your purchase. It becomes more of a personal experience.

Melbourne is a place where you can find so many great initiatives and businesses that focus on delivering freshly made/grown foods and goods, from fresh produce to baking, chocolates, meats, etc. So instead of giving those dollars to your supermarket, why not spend it on someone that’s baking bread a few blocks from your home?

Some cafes bake their own pastries and bread, or buy their coffee beans from small scale producers. 

Other initiatives, like Ceres Environmental Park, grow their own produce and sell them at their shop. They also propagate and grow plants for you to start your own productive garden.

Another way to support local production is shopping at your nearest Farmers Market. Most suburbs hold a weekly farmers market on weekends. Find out about yours at your council’s website!

We are proud to buy all the products we include in our gift sets from Australian producers.

Let us introduce you to them + some our favourite locals makers and bakers.

Grounded Pleasures

Family-owned business based in Ballarat, VIC. Using the world’s greatest cocoa, they process their beans naturally and minimally with care in order to reveal their best quality.

Lucky and James

Boutique chocolaterie based in Ballarat, VIC. Established by highly trained and experienced chocolatier Jade Davidson.

Courtney and the Babes

Self-care products made with ethically sourced and mindfully selected essential oils for body and home. Made by Courtney, in small batches, in her studio in Melbourne.

Cam's Bread

A new favourite in our local Eltham neighbourhood is Cam's Bread, this sourdough is delivered freshly baked to your door with a smile. Locally baked by Cam himself.

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