Food Presentation: Styling Recipes on Original Ceramics

Food Presentation: Styling Recipes on Original Ceramics

Do we often ask ourselves how we eat our food? That is, giving importance to the container that holds our food when we sit on the table and share a meal?

Food is one of the most fundamental and basic needs to all living beings. But only us, humans, are able to make of food not only something to fill our stomachs, but also a piece of visual appreciation. And chefs and food stylists know this too well.

Handmade ceramics have come back to open a whole lot of possibilities when it comes to styling our food. Even though it could sound a bit absurd, considering that in human history the first pot for holding food was hand made with clay, the truth is that we managed to slowly move into mass produced ceramics (probably encouraged by the industrial revolution) and forgot that a pair of hands could also make plates and bowls.

But that has started changing in the last few years, as the food service industry has gone back to revaluing handmade pots.

We would dare to say that white industrially-made ceramics have started to be left out of the the best restaurants and cafes, who are stepping onto styling their dishes on handmade and original ceramics. Kind of going back to the beginning.

As soon as some fine restaurants began to discard white table cloths and a standardised aesthetic on their tables, they started looking at handmade ceramics to give their dishes a more authentic look.

We all realise now how much value we can give to food when it’s presented on a ceramic piece that has been custom made. From glazes to shapes, there is a wide range of possibilities to look for when deciding on a ceramic vessel to put our food on. 

Worshipping the work of clay artisans and artists is something more and more people are doing today in their own kitchen.

Because not only chefs and restaurants are able to appreciate an original ceramic piece. Some people opt for handmade ceramics for their wedding dinner, or a special family celebration, and others just decide to substitute their Ikea plates for a more original option at home. People are also prioritising supporting low-scale and local production rather than the big companies. 

Remember, you don’t need to be a professional to make your food look good! 

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