Corporate Orders: Unique Ceramics For Your Business

Corporate Orders: Unique Ceramics For Your Business

Are you a business owner wanting to offer something special and personalised to your clients, customers, or work team? At Daisy Cooper Ceramics we have you covered. 

We are proud to work with different business brands offering the following personalised services:

  • Branded Ceramics For Your Business and Workplace
  • Think of having your very own branded coffee cups for the office or meeting rooms, or hand made ceramic vases for your showing room. If you wish to give your workplace that special touch, we can help you come up with a product that everyone at work will appreciate and enjoy. We can also develop custom glazes to match your business.

  • Branded Ceramics As Corporate Gifts
  • This service ties in with the previous one, and it’s about offering branded ceramics as corporate gifts. Could be as a way of saying thank you to your clients for their support during the year, or to celebrate a product launch. Keep in mind we can work with glaze colours to match your business. 

    As an example, we’re currently working on making ceramics for Mirvac. They wanted to offer branded ceramics to clients who buy properties with them (see image below).

  • Ceramic Workshops For Team Building Activities
  • Acknowledging your team’s hard work or wanting to celebrate the end of a successful project are the perfect reasons to book a private ceramic workshop with us. We will ensure you spend a fun and relaxed time building your own ceramics and encouraging the team spirit within your company. These workshops can be personalised to include food and wine, and we can come to your location or host it at our beautiful studio in Research, Melbourne. We can cater for up to 30 people. 

    With the End of Financial Year approaching, this is the right time to start thinking about corporate gifts and work team activities. Get in touch with us through our website or emailing us at  


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