Colour Inspiration

Colour Inspiration

What inspires Daisy Cooper Ceramics’ glaze colours? 

We considered it important to share with you all a bit more about which glaze colours inspire our ceramics, what they represent, and how they interact with each other.

Growing up on a farm in Scotland, UK, Daisy was exposed to an outdoor life, affected by the intensity of weather and landscape, and the interaction with wildlife. She grew up surrounded by greens, blues, whites, and the occasional flower colours that blossomed during spring. These are translated through our classic glaze collections such as Landscape, Blue Sky & Green Hills. All interacting with each other to create a softer palette for the table.

Since moving to Australia Daisy has explored and experienced a whole new world of nature, flora and fauna. The bold colours of the Australian native flowers and birds, as well as the ever striking red landscapes have woven their way into our glaze collections such as Winter Blossom, Autumn Reds and Rainbow, bringing a splash of colour to your table and igniting conversation amongst your guests.

Every interaction with natural world inspired us daily, looking up at the sky and the ever changing tones from dawn to dusk, absorbing the brilliance of the forests around us here in Eltham and wondering in amazement out at the ocean that surrounds us; so much colour, life and vibrancy in all these environments to inspire us to keep creating new and exciting collections.

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