Colour and Spaces

Colour and Spaces

If you are into decoration and styling, this post is for you. 

Do you often think about your favourite colours? Or which colours do you usually surround yourself with?

Believe it or not, colour does affect us, and the way we set up a space at home or at work will also impact on us and our perception of that space. Colour has the capacity to evoke feelings and emotions, moods and inspirations, so it’s important to consider which colours we want around us.

A minimalistic space might contemplate only light colours in a narrow palette, as opposed to a space with kitsch decoration, which would be overwhelmed by the interaction between contrasting and bright colours.

A rustic space would include warm earthy tones, and colours that evoke nature. And so on, you name it, and you’ll see how colours create spaces.

We want to talk about colour today, as it is an important factor during the glazing process of ceramics. We choose each glaze colour thinking on how people perceive our products and where they would like to have them at home. 

At Daisy Cooper Ceramics we mainly use colours that represent nature: whites, blues, greens, and subtle reds, occasionally contrasted with dark tones to create tension in the colour composition. Our range of colours want to make you feel at peace, and to bring warmth into your space. 

We talked to Kate Guinness Design (@kateguinnessdesign), an interior design and decoration studio based in London. Considering their experience and the projects they have worked on, we asked them to share three tips and tricks to style a space with ceramics and colour. Here’s what they said:

“We love exposed shelving as it’s great for displaying all your beautiful pieces, it can create a wave of colour against an empty wall.”


“We like a space to be personal and a favourite piece of art, mug or pottery from a client can often be the start of the inspiration for a room scheme.” 


“We have often admired the art of displaying plates on the wall, mounted individually to create a gallery of ceramics.”


“Ceramics can also be used to create bespoke lighting, we used a great company who made dinner plates into fantastic wall lights for a cafe project we did.”

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