Collaborative Work

Collaborative Work

Collaboration is a practice where individuals work together on a common purpose to achieve a creative or business goal. The act of joining skills on new ideas is beautiful and symbiotic, and we are strong believers in that collaborative work should always be present, as for there’s always something in others that could enrich our vision. 


Back at university, while studying at the School of Arts, we were constantly exposed to working in groups and creating collaborative works of art. And apart from having a great time brainstorming and sketching common projects, one could always feel there was so much learning in the process of exchanging ideas. The result was always surprising and innovative. 

Until today, we are constantly looking for ways to challenge ourselves and be open to new forms of taking our ceramics out to the world. We have worked on various collaborative projects, including one with Masti Dubai (restaurant in Dubai) on their bespoke tableware range, as well as making a collaborative trophy award for Asahi Beverages with Artisaned Awards, and a collaboration with The Windsor Workshop to create coffee cups for their workspace. Our latest one has been with Mojo Candle.

Mojo is a business that focuses on making sustainable candles. Based in the Southern Highlands of NSW, they hand-cut the vessels from reclaimed wine and beer bottles, and fill them with natural soy wax infused with sophisticated fragrances. 

This time we worked together with Monty and Jo (founders of Mojo Candle) to create beautiful candle holders, designed for reuse or refilling. Click here to view these products which would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s home. 

Additionally, this online journal has been a great platform to collaborate with people from other industries as well. Have you checked our ‘Recipe Collaboration’ section? We send one of our ceramic pieces to a foodie or recipe developer, and they send back an original recipe styled on our ceramics. We then share that content with you, so you can try cooking them at home. 

What other ways of collaborating can you think of?

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